Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mercedes-Benz C111 Mark II

Mercedes-Benz C111 Mark II model made by Dinky-toys with Ref.: 224; but with new wheels added, close fit of the opening parts, deburred of casting imperfections and repainted.

The C 111-II was introduced to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1970 with a 4 rotor Wankel 800cc 350hp single ignition 300km/h 0 to 100=4.8sec.
Later was installed a 5cyl Turbo-Diesel 230hp at 4600r 322kph CD=0.191 1100kg; with this engine, Mercedes-Benz sets three new world records for diesel cars in Nardo with this C111-II:
5,000 miles at 252.540 km/h
10,000 kilometres at 252.249 km/h and
10,000 miles at 251.798 km/h

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