Monday, January 24, 2011

Alfa Romeo P33 Pininfarina

Alfa Romeo P33 Pininfarina made by Corgi-toys with Ref.: 380-A1; but deburred of casting imperfections and repainted.
The second 33 Stradale-based concept car displayed at the November 1968 Turin Salon was executed by Pinninfarina. Known as the P33 Roadster, it mixed subtle curves with plane-like surfaces but was most memorably equipped with large overhead spoiler and "beetle-wing" doors. Painted white with the interior and aerofoil in brown, it seems probable this body was later removed by Pininfarina and replaced with the "Cuneo" design that debuted in January 1971 at the Brussels Motor Show. This speedster was built on an Alfa Romeo Type 33 sport cars chassis with a V8 mid-mounted engine - V8cyl dohc 1995cc 230hp at 8800rpm at 7000rpm Spika Fuel Injection

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