Friday, September 7, 2012

Abarth 2000

Abarth 2000 model made by Dinky-toys with Reg.: 202G3; but with new wheels added, close fit of the opening parts, deburred of casting imperfections and repainted.

1970, Designed by Mario Buonocunto for Pininfarina. Unlike other stylists, Pininfarina didn’t chose the name, however the car could have been called "Testudo" in honour of the tortoise like form of it’s rear end and roof line, with air intakes to the mid-mounted 2000cc engine.
Simca 4cyl DOHC 1946cc 192hp.

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  1. Nice work. I'm waiting on the Politoys version of this car.
    I collect in a similar theme.
    Thanks for sharing.