Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ferrari P5

Ferrari P5 model made by Auto-pilen with Ref.: 309; but with new spare wheels added.

Presented at the 1968 Geneva Auto Show.Designed by Leonardo Fioravanti for Pinninfarina.
This Ferrari 250 P5 Berlinetta Speciale showcar was built using a P4 s/n 0846
and a 3L engine. The radical design of the car carried a few design elements that would make their way into later day production vehicles. Most notably, this car has clear rear glass over the engine, much like many modern Ferraris do today.
Engine - V12cyl dohc 2989cc 400hp at 9500r 3vpc 2sp/c 320kph 2built
To note that Pinifarina produced another very similar prototype badged as an Alfa Romeo, This car, the 33 Coupe Prototipo Speciale, was painted bright yellow and was introduced at the Paris Motor Show of 1969.

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