Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ferrari 512 S Berlinetta

Ferrari 512 S Berlinetta model made by Joal with Ref.: 119; but with new wheels added, close fit of the opening parts, deburred of casting imperfections and repainted.

Presented at the 1969 Turin Car Show.
Designeded by Filippo Sapino for Pininfarina.
Derived from Ferrari’s Can Am racer s/n: 0862 (312P Spyder converted into 512 Speciale). Engine - V12cyl DOHC 4994cc 550hp at 8500rpm at 5500rpm 354km/h.


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  2. Hi Antonio, This is an amazing upgrade. I'd like to ask, do you do commissions? I have this model and would love it to be upgraded like yours. Kind regards.