Monday, January 24, 2011

Chevrolet Corvette Astro I

Chevrolet Corvette Astro I model made by Auto-Pilen with Ref.: 315

1967, Model XP880 designed by Larry Shinoda.
Flat6cyl air cooled sohc 2884cc 240hp 2 Weber carbs 2Asp 1500kg (apx.)
The interior had the gauges, warning lights and twin-grip aircraft-style steering control device. The car's height was under three feet, and access to the cockpit was provided by a hinged rear body/door section, a periscope rearview mirror on the roof provided a wide-angle view. The unibody construction had large boxed side sill members that added stiffness as well as housing a fuel cell on the passenger side. The bulkhead behind the driver and the forged aluminum windshield header provided rollover protection. Trick stuff in 1967.

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